Ultra Short Term Fund :

Ultra Short Duration Funds are debt funds that lend to companies for a period of 3 to 6 months.
>Ideal for anyone looking to keep aside money for a couple of weeks to a few months

>Near Zero risk of loss if someone invests for at least 3 months.

> These Schemes tend to give similar or slightly higher returns than Bank Fixed Deposits of equal or comparable investment tenure

> Due to high liquidityease of use and higher returns,

I’ve listed few mutual funds here, to help you get started. The list has been prepared based on the parent company and the past performance of the fund. The debt funds have no exit load fees (that means you can withdraw money from these funds any time, without any “minimum duration” requirement).

Debt -Ultra Short Term Fund

Recommended for emergency funds or parking money for any duration etc. Returns are better than FD and offers higher liquidity.

Fund NameAnnual Returns (5y)Fund ClassExit Load
Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund (G)9.9%Ultra Short Term Debt0.00%
Reliance Money Manager Fund (G)8.9%Ultra Short Term Debt0.00%

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