LIC Amritbaal children Plan 874

LIC Amritbaal Plan 874

LIC Amritbaal Plan 874

LIC Amritbaal children Plan 874



LIC of India new children plan going to launch on 17th February 2024 which name is LIC Amritbaal Plan 874 (Table no 874) is a Gauranteed Additions plan. LIC Amritbaal Plan 874 is a limited premium and single premium payment policy, So that you can choose the option of LIC premium payment as per your wish.

LIC’s Amritbaal plan 874 is a Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual, Savings, Life Insurance plan. The plan is specifically designed to have an adequate corpus to meet the higher education and other financial needs of your child and provides risk cover on the life of child during the policy term.

It facilitates accumulation of corpus through Guaranteed Addition Rs. 80 per 1000 Basic Sum Assured throughout the Policy Term.

The unique Identification of ‘LIC Amrit baal children Plan 874‘ is 512N365V01.

Please Note: You can buy now online LIC Amritbaal Plan 874 through credit card/debit card, net banking, upi and wallets on our LIC’s New Business Platform.


LIC Amritbaal Plan 874 – Key Features



  • Guaranteed Addition 80 per 1000 Basic Sum Assured throughout the Policy Term
  • A plan to fulfill requirement child Higher education and Marriage
  • Limited premium and single premium payment option available
  • Option to choose Life Insurance coverage for your child as per the needs
  • Premium waiver rider available in this policy for child safety
  • Paid premiums are exempted from income tax under sec 80C
  • Maturity amount is tax free under sec 10(10D)
  • Flexibility to
    • Choose from Single Premium and Limited Premium Payment.
    • Choose the maturity age from 18 to 25 years for the various needs of your child
    • Opt for payment of benefit in instalments.
  • Loan benefits 1% less interest charge if loan taken on her (girl child) policy


Eligibility/Parameters of LIC Amritbaal Plan 874


Minimum Age at
0 years (30 days completed)
Maximum Age at
13 years (last birthday)
Minimum Age at
18 years (last birthday)
Maximum Age at
25 years (last birthday)
Minimum Policy
Limited Premium Payment: 10years
Single Premium Payment: 5years
Maximum Policy
Limited Premium Payment: 25 years
Single Premium Payment: 25 years
Premium Payment
Limited Premium Payment: 5, 6 & 7 years
Single Premium Payment: Single Pay
Premium Payment
Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Single
Sum AssuredRs. 2,00,000 to No Limit





Death Benefit


Death before commencement of Risk.Death Benefit
If the policy holder expire before the date of commencement of Risk.An amount equal to the total amount of premium paid – (Taxes + Extra premium + Rider premium) shall be payable
If the policy holder expire After the date of commencement of Risk.

Sum Assured + Accrued Gauranteed Bonus

Sum Assured on death is Higher of:

(For Limited Premium Payment)

For Option (1)

  1. 7 times of annualised premium
  2. Basic sum assured

For Option (2)

  1. 10 times of annualised premium
  2. Basic sum assured

(For Single Premium Payment)

For Option (3)

  1. 1.25 times of single premium
  2. Basic sum assured

For Option (4)

10 times of single premium


Maturity Benefit


On Life Assured surviving the stipulated Date of Maturity, provided the policy is in-force, “Sum Assured on Maturity” along with accrued Guaranteed Additions for in-force policy, shall be payable; where “Sum Assured on Maturity” is equal the Basic Sum Assured.

Maturity Amount = Basic Sum Assured + Accrued Gauranteed Bonus.



Date of commencement of risk
under the plan:


In case of children whose age is less than 8 years risk commencement  starts  either from 2 years of taking the policy or 8 years old which is earlier.


Date of vesting under the plan:


The policy shall automatically vest in the Life Assured completion of 18 years of age

Guaranteed Addition in LIC’s Amritbaal Policy 874

Under an in-force policy, the Guaranteed Additions shall accrue at the rate of 80 per thousand Basic Sum Assured at the end of each policy year from the inception till the end of Policy Term.

On death of Life Assured during the Policy Term under an in-force policy, the Guaranteed Additions in the year of death shall be payable for full policy year.

In case of surrender of an in-force policy, the Guaranteed Additions for the policy year in which the policy is surrendered will be added on proportionate basis in proportion to the completed months for the Policy Year in which policy is surrendered.

LIC Amrit Baal Plan 874 – Premium Chart

​​​​​​LIC Amritbaal Plan 874 – Additional Information



Risk Coverage: Till end of Term of the Policy.


Date of Commencement of Risk: In case of children whose age is less than 8 years risk commencement  starts  either from 2 years of taking the policy or 8 years old which is earlier.


Locking period : LIC Amritbaal Plan 874 provides free locking period of 2 years.


Loan Facility: Loan after 3 years for limited premium and after 3 month after for singlr premium


Income Tax Deduction: Available under Section 80C for premiums paid and Section 10 (10D) for Maturity.


Riders available: PWB rider is available by paying an additional premium subject to the eligibility conditions

Back Dating: Backdating is allowed within the same financial year, however, not before the plan’s launch date.

Revival: LIC Policy holders can revive the policy within 5 years of the first unpaid premium by paying all the due premiums.

Maturity amounts settlement options available: Maturity amounts can also be received through settlement options in instalments over 5, 10, or 15 years.


Proposal Forms: Proposal Form no. 300 and 360 will be used under this plan.


Cooling-off Period: If a policyholder is not satisfied with the ‘Terms and Conditions” of the policy, he/she may return the policy within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy.