Value of Unclaimed / Physical Investment in the country is more than Rs 6,08,923 Crore

1- Stocks / Mutual Fund : Rs. 5,35,000 Crores lying in physical form
2- Unclaimed Provident Fund : Rs 43,000 Crores
3- Unclaimed Insurance : Rs 15,166 Crores
4- Unclaimed Bank Account: Rs 11,302 Crores
5- Unclaimed Corporate Dividends: Rs 3,454 Crores
6- Unclaimed Post Office accounts : Rs 1,001 Crores

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Still holding loads of physical shares and mutual funds instead of Demat ?

Clueless on rejected applications of old investment retrieval by the company ?

Running from pillar to post for transmission due to succession, bankruptcy, insolvency, lunacy or
marriage ?

Issues relating to investment retrieval due to non-existent companies, change in names or
amalgamation, change in unit scheme, merger of mutual fund schemes ?

A case of ‘invest and forget’ and losing track of investments ?

Issues relating to retrieval of Provident Fund, Matured Insurance, inoperative bank accounts etc ?