What Is a Value Fund?

A value fund is a fund that follows a value investing strategy and seeks to invest in stocks that are deemed to be undervalued in price based on fundamental characteristics. Value investing is often compared with growth investing, which focuses on emerging companies with high growth prospects.

Normally its very high risk category funds. so be-careful before choosing these funds.

Fund NameNAVNAV Date1 Week1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year3 Years5 Years10 YearsInce.
Value Oriented
ICICI Prudential – Value Discovery-G138.350013/09/201947.866.05-22.26-7.74-
Tata – Equity PE Reg-G128.006413/09/201984.88-4.87-23.52-8.92-8.647.819.5112.9818.20
SBI – Contra-G99.635013/09/2019160.366.12-37.39-18.33-10.941.064.286.9617.28
Franklin India – Templeton India Value-G229.820213/09/2019109.83-0.51-39.86-19.96-13.162.955.339.3115.15
JMF – Value-G30.186513/09/2019111.45-8.47-26.03-8.35-6.915.999.245.5114.94
Reliance – Value-G69.693913/09/2019119.93-1.40-32.18-10.24-5.795.897.8810.9614.50
Aditya Birla SunLife – Pure Value-G45.413013/09/2019102.01-3.26-44.93-25.84-19.80-0.215.3613.4714.05
IDFC – Sterling Value Reg-G45.260013/09/2019137.91-3.56-48.02-24.99-16.015.406.3813.5213.95
HDFC – Capital Builder Value-G270.350013/09/201993.15-0.98-36.17-17.58-10.976.607.6712.8713.69
UTI – Value Opportunities Reg-G58.671413/09/201992.061.93-22.63-6.95-

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