If you are a new investor or you do not have a very high risk appetite and a longer investment horizon (minimum of seven to 10 years), it is better to stay away from small cap mutual fund schemes. Small cap mutual fund schemes are meant for aggressive equity investors who can stomach a lot of volatility and risk.

Fund NameNAVNAV Date1 Week1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year3 Years5 Years10 YearsInce.
Small Cap
Axis – Small Cap Reg-G29.160011/09/2019103.9634.82-1.0912.976.009.2711.280.0020.32
SBI – Small Cap-G49.911911/09/2019161.3644.36-14.89-4.77-8.9211.0715.6517.3817.42
L&T – Emerging Businesses-G21.846011/09/2019125.8911.25-37.46-23.06-17.786.7310.840.0015.77
Reliance – Small Cap-G36.306711/09/2019250.0623.28-39.17-17.61-16.506.8210.290.0015.42
Sundaram – Small Cap Reg-G71.587811/09/2019152.5214.86-54.47-25.67-17.28-3.194.309.9514.46
DSP – Small Cap Reg-G49.560011/09/2019136.91-0.31-45.57-19.39-15.10-0.938.9517.2813.96
Kotak – Small Cap Reg-G66.697011/09/2019180.7030.12-29.72-10.55-10.141.838.1813.7613.93
HDFC – Small Cap Reg-G38.007011/09/2019139.74-7.74-47.82-25.74-
Franklin India – Smaller Companies-G47.801211/09/2019155.364.73-48.27-21.45-14.690.037.4716.0112.13
HSBC – Small Cap Equity-G43.310011/09/2019161.43-0.42-47.70-24.72-17.75-

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