Life Insurance is pillar of Wealth. So if you don’t have life insurance means you are creating your family more poor and poor.

So my request everyone to get proper insurance for life. Supposed you have not taken life insurance and happened any mis-happening. Then think about your family. Who is totally depend on you and your income. How will they get food, cloth, bills etc day to day expenses. In that case your wife or child may have to work for survive. In summary your family get more poor than current situation. If every family is doing the same then our country get poor and more poor. So we have to plan our family safety.

Term of Life Insurance : When you going to buy life insurance then think as different way.

I use life insurance as property creator and recommend you too take life insurance for whole life. Currently everyone is taking life insurance for certain tenure. After completing of tenure, you get money and policy end.

This is blunders. Please let me know.. when car tyre get maximum chances to puncher ?. I know your answer will be when tyre get old. So the same scenario, when is maximum chances to die, everyone will say that when become old. And at that time everyone get uninsured. So always take policy for whole life. As all insurance company focus not to sale whole life policy due to his liabilities.

I hope, I have given my thoughts in a proper way to you.

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