Fund NameNAVNAV Date1 Week1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year3 Years5 Years10 YearsInce.
Large Cap
Mirae Asset – Large Cap Reg-G49.343011/09/201997.311.35-24.24-0.470.339.7010.8215.1214.97
ICICI Prudential – Bluechip Inst I-G44.890011/09/2019101.85-1.48-25.24-2.27-2.608.349.2113.6514.20
ICICI Prudential – Bluechip-G40.610011/09/2019100.78-1.90-25.76-2.89-3.337.378.2112.6713.19
Quant – Focused-G30.052011/09/2019116.94-6.08-25.86-3.93-7.285.0610.1612.4110.47
Aditya Birla SunLife – Focused Equity-G56.899511/09/201971.12-3.46-29.25-1.73-2.475.517.6711.9213.33
BNP Paribas – Large Cap-G88.540011/09/201950.54-5.47-15.2110.454.376.898.0411.7015.68
Aditya Birla SunLife – Frontline Equity-G213.270011/09/201981.45-6.70-28.17-4.55-4.344.747.6111.6919.67
Edelweiss – Large Cap B-G34.640011/09/201954.76-11.06-24.102.32-3.807.358.0711.4412.80
Edelweiss – Large Cap Reg-G34.470011/09/201955.03-10.80-24.012.39-3.807.378.0811.4012.74
SBI – Bluechip-G38.096311/09/201987.83-2.37-25.471.36-0.655.378.8511.3610.35

1. What are Best Large-Cap Mutual Funds?

Large-cap mutual funds are those that invest predominantly in companies having a large market capitalisation. These are popular for their consistent returns over some time. The companies of large-cap funds are generally leaders in their field of business and hence, tend to remain more stable than smaller or mid-cap companies at times when markets are volatile. The large-cap companies generally have a good track record in the market backed by healthy corporate governance practices.

2. Who Should Invest in Best Large-Cap Mutual Funds?

Individuals make investments based on their requirements, goals, and risk profile. The large-cap mutual funds are apt for those who want to earn higher returns with little to no risk of market fluctuations. These funds are suitable for those investors who are less aggressive in their investment strategy and don’t wish to invest in risky mid-cap and small-cap mutual funds mutual funds.

Investing in large-cap mutual funds is a good option for the first-time investor. The underlying companies have a history of consistent performance during the highs and lows of the market. Investors must understand that these funds may not pose very high returns even at the hour of favourable market conditions. But keep in mind that the returns from large-cap funds will be less volatile.

Top 10 Best Large-Cap Mutual Funds

Based on large-cap fund performance indicator values, following are the best large-cap mutual funds. The rankings done here are for a consolidated list of large-cap equity funds on a 3-year return basis.

Top large-cap funds5-year returns
Axis Bluechip Fund – GrowthLarge-Cap Fund12.31%
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund – Regular – GrowthLarge-Cap Fund11.90%
Reliance Large Cap Fund – GrowthLarge-Cap Fund10.77%
HDFC Top 100 Fund – GrowthLarge-Cap Fund10.61%
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Institutional Option I – GrowthLarge-Cap Fund10.42%

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