Large and Mid Cap is best combination for create Folio for Long Term.

Fund NameNAVNAV Date1 Week1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year3 Years5 Years10 YearsInce.
Large & MidCap
Principal – Emerging Bluechip-G97.210013/09/2019108.192.46-31.38-11.49-11.106.2310.5015.0423.25
Mirae Asset – Emerging Bluechip Reg-G52.107013/09/201990.045.20-18.75-1.061.9412.1715.360.0019.63
Reliance – Vision-G493.375313/09/2019130.2410.43-37.15-7.94-
Kotak – Equity Opportunities Reg-G115.176013/09/201968.59-2.31-27.06-5.80-1.837.049.4211.6317.60
ICICI Prudential – Large & Mid Cap-G310.080013/09/201985.490.03-27.58-7.11-5.674.945.8110.7217.53
DSP – Equity Opportunities-G213.595013/09/201987.654.24-19.64-5.17-2.716.769.4812.1717.10
Aditya Birla SunLife – Equity Advantage Reg-G377.380013/09/201983.60-15.65-37.55-11.35-11.232.418.2110.5316.78
Canara Robeco – Emerging Equities Reg-G87.470013/09/201996.18-7.01-35.16-12.48-8.858.1011.6718.4416.04
Franklin India – Equity Advantage-G75.466813/09/2019116.653.23-28.49-11.82-8.253.736.2511.5114.84
SBI – Large & Midcap-G210.304913/09/2019112.72-3.46-25.19-9.33-3.936.088.8312.3613.85

What are Large and Mid Cap Schemes?

The new category – Large and Mid Cap Fund is introduced by SEBI in order to offer a broad choice amongst investors and to simplify scheme selection that best suits their risk profile. As per the revised norms, Large cap funds will invest at least 80 percent of its total assets in the top 100 listed stocks by market capitalisation. On the other hand, mid-cap funds will invest at least 65 percent of its total assets in companies ranked between 101st to the 250th company in terms of full market capitalisation.

The new Large and Mid Cap Funds will be mandated to hold a minimum of 35 percent each in mid and large cap stock, that is, 35 percent of the corpus will be invested in large-cap companies while another 35 percent will have to be deployed in mid-cap companies. Ideally, this fund is suitable for investors who have a high-risk appetite and is seeking to invest for a long-term.

How to Invest in Large and Mid Cap Funds Online?

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