Despite short-term volatility, historically equity markets have created wealth over the long-term, as seen in the graph below.

  • A fall in your investment value is only notional, redeeming makes it real

  • Continue your SIPs to buy more units when markets are down

  • Potential opportunity to benefit if markets rise suddenly

  • Long tern focus helps create wealth over time

  • Correction creates an opportunity to invest mpre

  • If your long-term goals haven’t changed, keep on investing

3 things to remember  when investing

As one boards the investment journey, it becomes imperative for the investors to follow
some basic principles for a smooth investment experience. These principles are as

1-Have a Clear Plan

Investments must follow a clear plan to achieve the financial
goals in a time bound manner.

Linking the investments with specific financial goals provide an
implicit motivation to invest consistently to achieve such goal.

Mutual fund schemes must stay aligned with risk profile and
investment horizon.

2-Adopt a long term view

Adopting a long term view helps you to ignore short
term volatile movements.

Muting the market noise and chaos gets easy if one
has a long term investment horizon.

This also gives a comfort if one knows that he/ she has
some time to take suitable actions if required.

3-Avoid timing the markets

Instead of ‘timing the markets’, one should aim for ‘time in the

Aiming to time the markets generally leads to procrastination,
i.e. delays in investing while waiting for the right time to

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) can help the investors to
make investments at regular intervals amidst market ups and

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