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Turtle trading is a commonly appreciated trading method, often called a strategy in professional texts and reviews. This method is based on the principle that price movements are hardly ever linear. The balance between bears and bulls is continuously shifting, and swing traders spot these shifts as opportunities to benefit from them.

The positions are usually retained from 20 to 55 days, though these time limits are not strict, and some of them may last for a few weeks if the trade remains advantageous.


1- Whenever you plan to buy any share first you need to check share price of 55 Days High.
2- Also you need to check the share price of 20 Days Low.
3- Start create Entry in Share Trading Account of 55 Days Highest Price through GTT- Good Till Trigger facility.
     >Condition – We will start GTT only if Share is below 10 to 20% from his 55 Days Highest.
     >Condition- Need to update Daily from Below sheet
If this facility is not available in your trading software then Open New Account with Zerodha- Click here to open in 5 minutes
(5 मिनट में भारत का नंबर 1 डीमैट खाता खोलने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें)

Example = Suppose share current price is Rs.100, and 55 Days highest of shares price is 135 and 20 Days Lowest price would be Rs.90.
4- Then GTT Entry in DEMAT Account should be Rs.110/-
5- Change in Entry every Days in GTT if any changes in 55 Days Share High.
6- Book Profit at 10% to 20% Earnings.

At any chance after trigger of your share price, your share may correct more, so no need to worry,
7- Repeat again from 1 to 6.

Believe me this will give you very good return without any losses. My recommended to do share selection in Nifty 50, Nifty 100 and ETF only.

Now you are thinking that this is very tough work to track High and Low etc…

So my Dear Friends no need to worry.

I have attached Automated Google Sheet, which will help you to give high and low data. Also This sheet will show you for your entry. 

Below Video will help you to understand Complete Method.👇